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Dongguan Topshall Electronics&Technology Co., Ltd

Committed to all kinds of electrical components products




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TOPSHALL·Case Committed to the manufacture and import and export of electronic products

TOPSHALL·4 advantages Committed to the manufacture and import and export of electronic products

Strength production and production, selling at home and abroad
  • Experienced: Over the years, we have focused on manufacturing

  • and importing and exporting metal buttons,waterproof button

  • opening piezoelectric switch series and other businesses.

Complete system: clear division of labor and quality assurance
  • Our products sell well all over the world and

  • have a wide range of applications

  • winning customers' trust and favor.

Perfect service: professional docking, providing thoughtful service
  • The company has a strong technical team and

  • has accumulated nearly 10 years of

  • experience in R & D and production.

Perfect service: professional docking, providing thoughtful service
  • 24 hours online service by professional customer service team

  • After-sales team provides tracking service

  • National Customer Service Hotline: 15362614931


TOPSHALL·6 core features Specializing in all kinds of metal buttons

Good quality

The quality is related to the material. The special material we use will not fade, and it has good flame retardant and crack resistance.

long life

Its life span ranges from 100,000 to 10 million times. If it is calculated based on ten times a day, its life span is 22 years

Small and light

The light touch switch weighs a few grams to tens of grams, easy to carry and disassemble

Beautiful switch

Screen printing technology and design can produce any pattern you need

low cost

Some of these versatile electronic original device products cost only a few cents, and this price advantage is unmatched by other products.

Seal dust

Suitable for high-density surface mount, some can be cleaned after welding, sealed type can be dustproof, suitable for harsh environments, simple circuit design

TOPSHALL·about us The company has a good technical team

Dongguan Topshall Electronics&Technology Co., Ltd

  TOPSHALL is mainly engaged in the research, manufacture and sales of electronic and electrical components products which including switch series,push button series, socket series, lamp series and In the fields of home appliances, digital products, computers and computer peripherals, communication terminal equipment, wire-harness and cables, electrical accessories, insulation materials, PCB and PCBA boards, hardware products etc., we strive to realize the development and production of diversified smart products with the times.At the same time, We provide with  related ODM and OEM cooperation solutions to save a series of processes and create benign value for customers

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